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Elms Farm Angus Beef Testimonials

"I have been getting beef from Elms Farm Angus Beef for a number of years. I can't say enough postive about the serivce and the quality. Also, it is great to look in my freezer and know I don't have to buy meat at a grocery store which is more expensive and inferior in quality. Elms Farm Angus Beef has made arranging to get the beef very easy and convenient and most importantly, the quality of the beef has been consistently excellent. I would recommend Elms Farm Angus Beef without reservations."

Cincinnati, OH

" Our family loves the locally grown beef from Elms Farm Angus Beef. The difference in the quality of Elms Farm Angus Beef from that of the local grocery store is dramatic. We have traveled 150 miles each way for the past 3 years to keep our freezer full of Elms Farm Angus Beef."

Lexington, KY

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